Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Befores

I have spent some time tutoring at the Batavia Public Library this summer. Since it's now August, and we all know school is very much on my mind, on the way to the library today I stopped by LWS to visit 4S.
As you see, I have lots of work to do before you all arrive!

There's a computer on my desk, but nothing else. And although I don't have to set the computer up, it goes on the computer cart, not my desk. That table under the chalkboard doesn't belong there. Where's my Snoopy flag? I'm thinking about moving the round table.A lot of the classroom stuff was stored on the counter, first by me and then the cleaning crew added to the stacks and piles. Everything has a place but everything is not it its place! Things will be where they belong by the time you are an official fourth grader.

My bookcase is empty. I think they needed it to be so it was easier to move. The custodians do a lot of cleaning over the summer. Can you imagine how heavy it would be filled with books. Hm, but where are all my books?

My teacher books? They're on the computer cart. Which kind of explains whey there is a comptuer on my desk. Right? If I want our classroom computer set up, reshelving these books should be the first task on my list!

Can you spy:
your chair, a globe, a dead plant, the art smocks bin, a table that belongs in the pod, a table that goes I-don't-know-where, two black crates filled with math facts sheets, and a white rocking chair?

I promise, I'll be doing more than taking pictures there soon. I will spend hours getting our room ready just for you and thinking about you! I hope you can see the difference when you show up on the first day of school.

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  1. Miss Stewart--

    I think it's a great idea to have a
    blog!!! See you tomorrow------I hope it's not rainy like today.

    Megan Reid


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