Wednesday, August 26, 2009



I hope this isn't the first time you've looked at our class blog, but if it is, welcome!

I'll be using our blog all year to post class photos and news to share with you and your families. Sometimes, 4Sers will be posting too. How cool is that?

Your homework: now that you're here, copy a fact about me from the column that's just below the photo of my husband and me.

Your other homework? We will be using pennies for counters and math game pieces throughout the year. Please start collecting 40-50 pennies in a small snack container and bring them to school soon.

Please bring in your homework book money ($3) and your calculator money ($5) as soon as possible (checks made payable to "LWS"). Don't forget to bring a reading book and a healthy filling snack every day! Bring in your summer reading log, too.

For Monday, and this is important, we are doing an art project with a full-sized paper grocery bag. Make sure you have one to bring in. If you have any extras, bring those too!

We talked in class today about you bringing in a photo of your family for our "smile" wall. Please ask your mom or dad for a family photo. It will be displayed all year.

Also, I need a big bucket and some dirt for us to do a year long environmental experiment. Because I'm big into reusing, does one of my 4S families have a tall bucket to donate for the year? I need to fill it with dirt too, will someone volunteer some soil? Yep, I could buy those things, but I thought it was earth friendly and budget friendly to ask to borrow them, first.

If you have either bucket or dirt, just leave a comment here or send a note to me at school! Thank you so much. And I always love comments about other things, too!

Here's hope for a fabulous year!
Miss Stewart


  1. Have a wonderful year, Ms. Stewart and class! We are all hopeful, indeed.

  2. hello it's Anna Marie

  3. Hello Anna Marie!

    I'm glad you're staying with me for math, but I will miss the rest of our class. I love you all!


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