Friday, August 7, 2009

I love mail!

Dear 4Sers,

Okay, you may think this is strange, but I love mail! I like checking my mailbox at home, my mailbox at school, my email boxes...I like all kinds of mail. I love sending letters and notes too. I like to think about what the person will think when he or she opens what I've sent.

This week I've gotten some great mail. I received a book to borrow, a book to keep, and a lime! Have you ever gotten a lime in the mail?

Today I'm thinking a lot about a particular letter that will be arriving at your house soon. It's the letter from Louise White School telling you whose class you're in. I've never seen the letter, it's not for me or from me, but I did write a letter to you to go along with it.

So, I'm wondering when you will get it. It's all very exciting! I hope you're looking forward to fourth grade as much as I'm looking forward to being your teacher.

Miss Stewart


  1. Dear Miss Stewart,
    I am so glad I am in your class.In the future I see an awesome school year.
    Michael Hall

  2. Michael,

    I'm pleased to hear from you. I think this year is going to be super too! My third Hall brother makes it even more special.


    Miss Stewart

  3. Dear Miss Stewart,
    I'm so happy I'm in your class. I had lots of fun over summer vacation,too! It's going to be fun having a teacher my sister never had.
    Becki Smith :)

  4. Dear Becki,

    I'm so glad you wrote a comment here. I hope to use this blog to communicate throughout the school year.

    Who is your sister? Would I know her?

    I can't wait to be your teacher!

    Miss Stewart


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