Friday, September 18, 2009

What a Wonderful Wormy Friday!

Well, today was a busy and good day in 4S. As a continuation of our green theme, Caleb's mom was invited to tell the kids about composting. She shared some great visuals, and she gave an informative talk. The kids listened so politely, and they asked great questions too. What an interesting subject!

This jar is a mini-simulation of the layers inside a typical composter. She told us it creates a wonderfully rich soil that fertilizers her plants but doesn't harm her kids because it's chemical free. Ah, nature!
You can tell a good teacher by how much she talks with her hands!

After our time with Caleb's mom was over, we got into our experiment. Using the framework of the scientific method, we created a class lab report. We listed materials, referenced research, described our experiment, and then we created a hypothesis: Which of the following items will change and how will they change over the next six months buried in dirt with worms?
We made predictions for each item using what we've learned and already know about recycling, landfills and the work of worms and earth. We'll report on our findings in six months.

Then we got to burying. Each bucket has identical items in it.

We all got dirty, but we didn't make too much of a mess!

In May, we'll pour out the buckets and see if our very educated guesses were correct.
By the way, here are the visuals C's mom brought to share.

She also brought flowers from her yard to show how wonderfully the compost materials fertilize.

And last but not least, getting back to our experiment: the worms. The only variable between the two buckets is the worm type. We went with regular, and somewhat lethargic, nightcrawlers, and then C's mom gifted us with some rarin' to go red wigglers. I have learned the "reds" eat their weight in food each day, so I think we'll be amending our experiment and adding food so the poor things make it through the winter!
The reds:

The crawlers:


  1. like the new pictures.


  2. I like to carve pumpkins in the fall!
    From, Lauren

    I like worms, Yum Yum.
    From, Guess Who

  3. When we got the talk about composting from Caleb's mom I got really interested in composting.


  4. I'm redy to dump the worms and see what happend to them!

    from Jess.


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