Friday, September 4, 2009

Wow for the week, and welcome weekend!

We are full on into the school year, and though we're still working on establishing routines, we're getting a lot of work done. Your children are working hard each day, and I could be more proud of them.

This week, we talked about reading strategies, and we created a bulletin board "We do good readers do?" Each T-shirt advertises a good reading strategy.

We also finished something we started the very first day of school when I read aloud The Big Orange Splot.

The kids drew pictures of their dream houses, and then they wrote descriptive paragraphs about them. It's their first 4th grade writing sample.

We're already on lesson 1-6 in math, and we ended our week trying out compasses the first time. I was worried about this because I remember trying to use a compass when I was in fourth grade, and the results were not good. But our kids did great! On Tuesday, we'll do more. We're going to make inscribed squares. Yep, I'm learning a few moments ahead of them and sometimes right with them!

You might wonder just what these kids are all looking at...It's a book! Every child has his own/her own independent reading goals now, and these boys were discussing a book one of them had checked out. I know it's not a great photo, but, hey they're gathered around a book, and that's exciting for this teacher!

We worked hard this five day week, and we're ready for the weekend! Bring it! Byyyyeeee...

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  1. In first grade my teacher gave me The Big Orange Splot as an end of the year present. I still have it and it has always been a favorite of mine :) good choice Mrs. Stewart!


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