Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Caps for Kids Cuties

I surprised this sparkling girl at the pencil sharpener...

A table of cuties, all in caps!

We wore them to lab...

And during independent reading.

We also wore them while taking a science quiz, a math pre-test and while in our small groups for reading, but I didn't want to interrupt those times!  You'll just have to take my word for it.

Oh, and in our classroom alone, we donated $43.10!

Lining up for art.

In art.  I swear they were smiling right before I snapped this!

Lots of teachers and staff participated too.
Our Mrs. Hanrahan is a real cutie, even in a Cubs hat!

My hats, each worn half the day.
Mickey in honor of Sarah.
Charlie Brown in memory of Brianna.
What a feel good day!


  1. The whole school total will be announced tomorrow!

  2. This makes my heart smile <3 : )

  3. Hi Ms.Stewart,
    I love being on the caps for cuitest list.
    from, Becki 17

  4. Becki,

    I love that you signed your class name AND number!

  5. love the posted!!!!!!!!
    Anna Marie

  6. I LOVE THE posted and the blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    kaylee paskadi 12


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