Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Don't forget, tomorrow is Caps for Kids Day at L.W.S.
Bring a dollar to donate and wear your favorite, or even a borrowed, cap!
Kids can change the world.


  1. What a GREAT IDEA! I'm soooo happy that Lauren is in your class and you reinforce caring and sharing with others. Look forward to Wednesday.
    Thanks, Lois Gross

  2. Well thank you. I'm glad she's in our class too.

    I have two good friends with leukemia, and so this day hits close to home. It was Becki's idea, and so I ran with it.

    This weekend I hope to give blood, if they'll let me. Time to start taking my vitamins! Lots of kids raised their hands when I asked if they knew of anyone who gives blood, so there are many good role models among the parents and families of 4S. Love that!


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