Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What a just right morning!

We finally made our first trip to the Elder Day Center today, and it was such fun.  After a brisk walk, we arrived as the clients were exercising. After dropping our stuff in one room, we headed into the gym to join them.

Then we walked laps in the gym--lots of physical activity today! 

Slowly, the clients went across the hall for snacks, and a handful of 4S kids were asked to help pass out drinks and snacks while those left in the gym helped set the tables up for lunch.

After that, we all crossed the hall to hang out and chat.  Miss Holly asked the kids what they were dressing up for on Halloween, and the clients gave tips on some pranks they used to play!  Uh-oh, good thing we don't have streetcars any more, or some 4Sers would be in trouble on November 1!


For a first visit, it was just right, and the kids want to go back.

This shot was snapped as we crossed the Fox.  All 21 students were healthy enough to go, it didn't rain, and we had three great 4S parents (Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Smith, and Mrs. Oakley).  What a perfect morning!

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  1. It looks like everyone had such an enjoyable morning! I'm definitely going to have to join you on a return trip!


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