Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pictures, do we have pictures!

Thanks to Mia, Jessica, Chandler and Cristian, we have many photos from today's trip to the Elder Day Center.

 Harold bowling.

Miss Vera.  Vera's a sharp dresser, always dressed fabulously when we visit!  Since I'm always in jeans and LWS wear, I do make sure to tell her I can dress up too.  She always says it's no matter, she's just glad we come to see them!

Watching Bozo Buckets and posing for a picture!


Spending some time listening to Clarence, a WW II veteran who was married for 65 years to his wife Gloria.
Davide gets charged up!
This blonde young lady was in my first 5th grade class!

Mr. Bender with two 4Sers.  Lauren told him his eyes were closed, I said it was because he was REALLY smiling!

Thank you to all the parents who walked along on this cold, blustery, but thankfully not rainy day:
Mrs. Kempiak, Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Schneider, Mrs. Smith, Mr. Bender, Mrs. DiVito and Mrs. Oakley!


  1. Thanks for taking the time to post and take the photos. They are Great. It reallly gives us a glimps of classroom life. Cathy Swanson

  2. Really wonderful time well spent! It was great to see my son relate to a person that he may not have otherwise. Wonderful connection to community, all ages :) -Renee Oakley

  3. I had so much fun at the elder day center!!!!
    I love going ther!!!
    Anna Marie


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