Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December Read In on Jammy Day

Today was our school's annual Jammy Day and so it seemed like a perfect day to also have our monthly read-in.  Before the kids arrived, I pushed all the tables and chairs away to open up some space to dig in and read.  Most students used this time really well.  Four students met their second quarter reading goals!  Here are some photos I snapped on the sly (from across the room, using zoom), I sure didn't want to disturb the good reading that was happening!
Can you even tell that anyone is lying in those pinkish sleeping bags?

This shot was posed--Megan borrowed her brothers slippers, and I thought you'd all want to see them:
High fashion was sported in 4S today...
plaid, penguins, ornaments, snowmen, monkeys, Mario and his enemies, Bears, and some wild, wild slippers!

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