Wednesday, December 16, 2009

An Elder Day Christmas

Yesterday, we bundled up and headed across the river (makes it sound adventurous, right?) to the Elder Day Care Center.  This would be a great place to insert photos taken on our walk, but since I would have had to remove my mittens to do so, I opted to leave the mittens on!

Once we arrived and thawed out a bit.  We opened our 4S gifts to the center.  They received:  mixing bowls, a digital thermometer, pitchers, cutting boards, cookies, a Meijer gift card and a Michael's gift card.  Each present was accepted with gratitude and glee.  (Did I forget anything?)

Then with the clients in a circle and some of our 4S kids standing behind them, we played a game my family calls "Twas."  I read aloud, "Twas the Night Before Christmas."  There were two prizes, and each time "and" or "the" was read, the gifts were passed around the circle.  When the poem was over, whoever had the bag handed it to their client.


Harold won...

And Davide won...

Following that, some 4Sers handed out the morning's snacks and we all got to share in muffins and juice. (No photos available.)

Our last activity was singing Christmas songs together.

Lance had a solo...

Brittany had a solo...

And the rest of us sang our hearts out.

Such a good way to ring in Christmas.  Oh, by the way, thank you to Sarah for taking the pictures.  I took a few, she took most.  This is my favorite of all though--Vera and Clarence. 

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  1. Thanks so much to the children of 4S, Miss Stewart and the parents who went with them to the Elder Day Center. What a great thing to do for the holidays and throughout the year. You can tell by the look on their faces that the "clients" had a wonderful time! Merry Christmas 4S!

    Mrs. Schneider


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