Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This new year

     I don't usually pay attention to the change of the year, you all are going to have to check that I don't write 2009 on the agenda when we get back to school!  Why isn't the new year a big deal to me? My "new year" starts each August when my new students come.
     But today I started thinking about the upcoming new year, and I got a little sad. I just know our 2010 time together is going to fly faster than our 2009 time together did.  I like my first fourth grade class so much; I realized just how very much I will miss you.
     Before I got too sad though, I had another realization:  you will be the first class that is still around next August!  What I mean is, when I taught fifth grade, I rarely saw those kids again.  I see a few, and it always makes me smile, but I'll see ALL of you when you come back as fifth graders!  I'll be able to tell the fifth grade teachers how lucky they are to have you, and I will get to say hello to you in the halls.
     So, instead of getting ready to start 2010 with a frown, I'm smiling the thought of still having you all in my life!  What a wonderful life I have!


  1. Hello 4S! Happy New Year! Maeve is trying to type too. Shall I let her? nggggggggggb ggbbbbbbbbb gg

    That's from Maeve. She says hello too!

    From, Mrs. N


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