Friday, January 22, 2010

Your Teacher Loses at Lego

     So my little darlings, after I dropped my bus riders at the gym door today, I walked into the office, and in my mailbox was a smallish envelope from the Lego people.  Inside was a letter congratulating me on having such good Lego skills because I knew what I wanted and ordered from Pick a Brick.
     Except...I made some mistakes.  Oh, I got you what you asked for alright, but I think we're missing some things...

Here's what our $26 worth of Lego looks like:

Got the steering wheels:

Some windshields:

Smallish bases:

Seats for vehicles:  No photo of them, but you can see them in the plastic container photo above.  There are six. They are red.
Angled pieces for roofs (but not enough for an entire house roof):

Some stairs, just 'cause I liked them:

But I'm not sure what I was thinking here, and I ordered 20 of these (they are really tiny):

     And while I ordered some wheels, wheels,and wheels (three sizes, four sets), there are no pieces to use to attach the wheels to the vehicles.  I mean, I didn't know I should have ordered those too (Hupcaps? Axles?)  They have holes through their middles--but they don't make pretty rings...

     So Lego Maniacs, it appears I still have much to learn about these crazy building blocks.  Don't tell Mac, okay?


  1. A teacher losed it lego?!? Hummmmmmmmmm

  2. hi ms.stewart Somthing New YAAAAAA

  3. I think all did a good job on the art


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