Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's called polystyrene

So we learned recently that polystyrene NEVER decays.  This is a bummer because so many of our favorite food places serve both food and drinks in these "#6" containers.  Places like Sonic, Portillo's and even mom and dad's favorite coffee shops use #6 polystyrene (the real name for Styrofoam).  Cups are often #6, but so are the containers that hamburgers come in (at Portillo's).

Even worse news is, curbside recycling doesn't accept these #6 items in any of our towns--not Batavia, not Aurora and not North Aurora.

So, what can YOU do?  Well, you can stop using polystyrene. But if you can't, here's a place nearby that does recycle it. It's quite close to all of us.

Click here for the link

Let's think about writing to some of these great food places and ask them to find other ways to serve the treats we enjoy!


  1. Meat trays are made from it too. My husband and I decided over breakfast to reduce our use of this, to write letters asking for a change in the use of polystyrene, and to collect what we do use and bring it to the DART facility in North Aurora.


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