Monday, February 8, 2010

Marvelous Monday

     What a day!  We started this busy week with a jam packed Monday.
     Firefighter Tom came to visit first thing that morning.  The kids remembered a lot from their past annual fire safety talks and they learned even more this year.
     Once that time flew by, we moved on to making Valentine bags.  Pretty fancy brown bags, eh?  Emily's took the longest as she opted to thread her ribbon through her paper doily.  Kids are welcome to bring their cards or candies in at any time.  We'll open the Valentines on Friday before the party.
     Shortly after the bags were finished, I had to zoom off to a meeting. During that time, Miss Perez came in for Wellness, and she presented each child with a bag of compliments.  What a neat idea, Miss Perez!  And I'm not saying that because you had my sweet  students make a special Valentine for me, too!
      After lunch, we headed to the lab for Microtype followed by Free Rice.  That time zoomed by, and soon we were off to meet with our...

kindergarten buddies!  Where we sat EEKK style and worked on helping them build their reading stamina.

     All done in time for math where we worked on chapter seven's fraction test.  Be proud of your 4Ser, each one packs a lot into one day.


  1. New stuff ya i am on the blog ya my partner is kayla and i will never forget i think

  2. Hey 4S peeps-
    I am THRILLED to have made the blog!

    I was so encouraged by all of the nice things that the fourth graders wrote about one another. I hope that all of you took my advice and shared your compliment baggies with someone you love!

    Also a HUGE shout of thanks for the fantastic vday greeting cards that were on my desk. What a fun blessing for me to read over my lunch today!

  3. Hi I looked at the blog.

  4. I love the Valentine's Bag. Creative Emily.


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