Saturday, February 6, 2010

Such a fun and busy rest of the week

     In the last post, I wrote about the malls we created in social studies.  We have yet to take a vote on the mall we'd most like to visit because we've been so busy working on other projects.  On Wednesday, we created cars.  Each partnership had forty minutes to draw a car to meet a customer's specifications.  As you can see, these custom designs were colorful and  unique.  
     In forty minutes we "built" nine cars.  Then we broke up into three groups of six with two students as timekeepers, and we "built" cars on an assembly line. As you can see, not so unique. 
      But in eight minutes, we made 121 cars, so that would mean a production of 605 cars in forty minutes.  A good example of use of an assembly line, just like the one that made Model T cars.  We then watched a YouTube video of the actual assembly line from Ford circa 1910 or so.
     On Thursday, we worked digging through the text to locate specific details, and then the kids wrote great letters about their trips to the Midwest.   This was an interesting exercise in following written directions.
     We took a break from guided reading this week, and instead we all worked with a literature circle approach to our weekly story.  The kids enjoyed the change in routine.  These photos are from the discussion day. Ask a 4Ser why some of their books are upside down!

     On Friday, Mrs. Popovich came in with her classmate Miss Renee, and they told the kids all sorts of neat facts about taking care of their teeth.  Mrs. P. is studying to be a dental hygienist.  There's one boy in the room who is extremely proud of her!
     After their presentation, we gobbled a quick snack and got on the bus to head to Arlington Heights to see the stage production of "Frindle."  Thanks to Mrs. Hall and Mrs. Swanson for accompanying us.  Here are some 4Sers waiting for the show to begin.  I'm sorry I didn't get many boys' pictures, we were kind of spread out.  I apologize to for the red-eye, Picasa's editing tool is not cooperating with me this morning!

     Next week...math switching, buddies, fire safety, farming in the Midwest, Valentine making, a party...WOW!


  1. The play was very good!!!!!!!

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  4. Jack says....
    Sorry about your Colts Miss Stewart!!!!! :)

  5. Jack,

    Thanks! I'm okay. My husband is sad, but he is a good sport, and he saw that Indy didn't do a good job at all.

    I'm glad for all my friends and students who wanted the Saints to win!

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    Brittany, I am still at school, so nope, nothing new yet. Check back...


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