Saturday, March 20, 2010

"Art Shots"

     I once took a vacation to San Diego with my brother Jim and my son Mac.  They both had nice cameras, so they took A LOT of pictures.  Mac would see something pretty while hiking or at the zoo, and he'd say, "art shot," and he'd stop to snap some cool pics.  My brother Jim is great with a camera, so all his shots are quite arty.  Plus, he's a wizard at editing his photos, just like we edit our writing.
     I thought of them while we were at Mooseheart the other day, and I wished I had their eyes for art.  These are what I came up with after a wee bit of editing:


  1. I like, I like. There's something about farms that I just love, maybe because I grew up in Chicago.

  2. you are right miss.stewart it was going to snow but i hope it will melt by school.

  3. The pics are very good!! And I had a lot of fun at moosheart!! I learned a lot!!


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