Thursday, March 25, 2010

Our Thursday

     Whew, now that was a busy day.  I wished I could have snapped pictures of it all!
     The morning was filled with a trip to the middle school to see the band and orchestra perform.  I can't wait until the music teachers come to LWS next month, and you can try the instruments you are most interested in.
      It seemed like it should be lunch time when we returned, but we had just enough time to take a cold recess and to enjoy some read-to-self time.
      Most importantly, we were able to grab Sidney from next door to present the gifts collected for her hospital Easter basket project.  She was pleased, she said this was the first donation they had received so far.  You can see in the photos Dr. Ciway donated some gifts, but what I didn't get a snap of is the bag of things Mrs. Puttin donated.  Mrs. Puttin in the supervisor of the school newspaper, and it's because of her time with those writing kids that we learned about "I Believe Too."
     The power of the written word, in this case, it informed us of a cool project we could take part in.
     Mrs. Puttin was so touched by our little collection, she wrote us a sweet thank you.  It will hang on our wall until the end of the school year as a reminder that kids (and their parents) can change the world.
     The afternoon brought us fun times in the computer lab with Mrs. Smith's kindergarteners, Waking Beauty, some puzzle solving time, a play in 4N, and our last science time switching with Mr. Nelson's class.
     Our only assignment for the next week?  Have a good and safe spring break!


  1. That was a great play!!!! And I felt very good helping Sidney!!

  2. Just wanted to say Happy Easter....have loved reading all the Easter posts today.
    Hope you will stop by ...remember I am drawing for $100 GOODIE BASKET tomorrow night...All it takes to enter is a comment..


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