Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Flower Sale for SOAR

Dear 4S Parents and Friends,
     Doesn't this weather have you thinking true spring?  When I pull into my driveway each evening, I picture my one little flower bed and pot filled to overflowing with the impatiens I'm planning on buying from this year's annual annuals sale.
     The quality of the flowers can't be beat, they're from the famous Shady Hill Nursery.  All the proceeds from the sale go to SOAR, our special after school reading program for at risk readers here at LWS.
     SOAR and this sale are near and dear to my heart.  This is my second year being a SOAR tutor, and my second year running the sale.  And, it will be my second year planting and enjoying these great blooms.  SOAR is funded through sales like this, grants and donations.  None of your tax dollars support SOAR, but your flower dollars will.
     Please consider ordering some baskets, tubs, flats or plants to help Louise readers.  Let me know if you need an order form, I know the "boss" of the sale and promise to get one to you quickly!  (The sale runs now through 4/22, and flowers must be picked up from school on 5/7 from 4-6 PM.  If you're a non-Batavia friend, I can deliver your order to you that weekend!)
Miss Stewart


  1. Would love to buy some, but probably wouldn't be able to pick them up because I work...but if you could get them I would be willing to come to you for it?? Let me know what I need to do, I would love some hanging baskets for my balcony and my boyfriend would like some for his house too!!!

  2. Okay, actually just talked to Keith and he said he would pick them up...so let me know what I need to do to order them :)

    yay for supporting good causes!


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