Monday, April 26, 2010

Illinois ABCs Project (part one)

Here's a copy of the "gold paper" information!
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ABC’s of Illinois                                                      
26 pages, one page for each letter
Your alphabet must include:
·        3-5 official state symbols
·        Our capital—either as C or S with a map as illustration
·        1 agricultural product
·        1 company headquartered in this state
·        1 current government servant (i.e. the governor)
·        2 Native American tribes
·        2 important buildings (include location and why important)
·        1 Illinois State Park (include location)

The rest of the letters should be comprised of:
·        Up to 3 famous people from Illinois (not Oprah, Michael Jordan or Abraham Lincoln)
·        Up to 2 colleges or universities
·        Up to 3 famous landmarks (only 1 may be a sports venue)
·        Only one sports team
·        1 Illinois bird
·        1 Illinois frog or toad
·        1 Illinois snake
·        1 Illinois insect
·        1 Illinois rock or mineral
·        1 Illinois prairie flower
·        1 Illinois spider
·        1 Illinois threatened or endangered species
·        1 Illinois wild mammal
·        1 Illinois poisonous plant
·        1 Illinois tree

The back page will be shared here tomorrow!


  1. This seems like a fun project!!!

  2. Sounds FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. the little bit that we've done has been soooo fun and I can't wait to get really started on it!!!!!


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