Monday, April 26, 2010

Illinois ABCs Project (part two)

  • Each of the 26 pages must have a colorful letter followed by topic (recall “B is for Benedictine University” example shared in class).
  • Each page must have an illustration (up to half may be clip art, photos, magazine pictures, art copied from computer/website, the other half or more must be traced or drawn).
  • Text explaining each topic must be a minimum of three sentences written on loose-leaf paper and cut to fit (recall example shared in class).
  • Each page must have a source citation written on the back.
Final published book must...
  • Have a cover with title and author’s name
  • Include a title page with title, author’s name, and year published
  • Include a dedication page
  • Include a page for each letter
  • Be bound: stapled, hole punched in a binder, in a folder/report cover, etc. Please no laminated pages or plastic sheet protectors!

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