Friday, April 9, 2010

Our First Guest Bloggers!

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A. and L.

    This week in P.E. we've been working on our Presidential Fitness Test.  To do this we have to run one mile.  We have to as many sit-ups as we can in a minute.  We have to "sit and reach" to see how flexible we are and how far we reach.  There's also a shuttle run, we run and grab a bean bag and run back with it to see how fast we can run.  We also have to do pull-ups.  The pull-ups are the hardest things!
     In art we are making bowls out of balloons and paper towels.  Mr. Schulze calls the stuff we're working with "dog slobber," but it's just clear glue.  
     In Spanish we are working on a Spain project.  We have to make either a brochure or a postcard about Spain, and we have to have at least six facts on it.  
     We started switching for science this week, and we got to Mrs. Barnes' room to study water.  
      In math we've been working with transparent mirrors and working on lines of symmetry.
     Miss Stewart has been talking a lot about our Illinois report, and to get us excited she's been hanging posters about Illinois.  The first one was Illinois Frogs and Toads, and now this one is hanging:
     In May we'll be making Illinois ABC books.


  1. It's exciting to see how stronger and faster some of you are since the beginning of the year. It's fun to compare scores from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. Be ready for the Mile run next week!!!

    Mr. Lau

  2. Hi Ms.Stewart,
    How is teaching 4th grade? is there more or less "goofing off"?

    Mark Hall

  3. I love this poster sooo much

  4. Dear Mark,

    This class is near perfect, so less "goofing!"


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