Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our Week

     This week's week in review post is brought to you by:
     This week in science we went to Mrs. Barnes' room for the water unit.  On the day these pictures we taken, we were working with densities of different temperature waters.  Hot water was colored red, and it floated up, blue water which was cold stayed in the the vial, all this took place in room temperature water.
     We spent some time in computer lab with our buddies.  We played games on the website  A lot of the games are good for number work, ABC, and mouse work.
     The book fair has taken up almost the whole LRC with new books for kids to buy.  A few of our classmates have purchased the book Miss Stewart is reading aloud, others have bought some weird fact books (sneezes come out at 95 mph), and some have bought books that come with toys.
     In workshop we started out with a pre-writing activity where we made kites to help us write about our perfect day.  On the kites, we had to draw four pictures of activities to help us write about our perfect day.  The kites are up, the final papers will go up early next week!
     We always look forward to specials.  In music we are learning to sing a classic kids' song, "The Cat Came Back."
     It's been a good week, and we've loved the nice weather!


  1. Great job on the kites 4Sers!
    Mrs. Schneider

  2. I loved that day when we saw our Buddies


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