Friday, April 23, 2010

Our Week

     I have decided to not call my students guest bloggers any longer, since they are part of our 4S families they are part of this blog.  At lunchtime every Friday a few 4Sers gather round and we put together a post.  Here are this week's 4S bloggers:

Writing this week:
     The "My Perfect Day" kite wall is all done.  Here's our finished product.

     The rest of the week was spent working on finishing a story written about a dog who needs care.  Duke is a fictional dog whose family doesn't love him, they leave him neglected in the yard, and a raccoon comes along to save him.  The Naperville Humane Society is sponsoring a contest to finish Duke's story.  All the stories the 4Sers wrote were good, but our class winners were Ben, Megan and Chandler.  Their finished final copies will be sent to the society to be judge.  Miss Stewart said all our stories were better in second draft form and ALL the stories were quite good--it was hard for her to choose!  This is the picture of Duke we kept in our minds as we wrote:

In math:
    We are working with geometric solids (3-D shapes).  Some of us looked at blocks and at everyday items like Kleenex boxes (rectangular prism), some made "solids" out of paper or straws, and we all talked about polyhedrons.

What's happening in science:
     Today was the last day for science with Mrs. Barnes.  We took a quiz yesterday, and then today we watched a video about tornadoes and weather.  It was followed by a video quiz that we all took together.  It also included a recipe to catch raindrops.

At recess:
    Some of us were pleasantly surprised today when Mr. Fuchs played soccer with our class.  Some of his students joined in too!

What's coming up next week?
     Be on the look out for the Illinois ABC framework and directions.  It will coming home on Monday!  We're going to start learning our state.  We're also taking a MAP test on Tuesday.  On Wednesday we are going to the Elder Day Center to share our hobbies.  Also on Wednesday, Student Council's Wacky Wednesday, we are supposed to wear Miss Stewart's favorite color which is BLUE. Any blue will do.
      Miss Stewart's math class is going to collect counts from all the classroom teachers and they will figure out which classes had the highest percentage of kids wearing their teachers' favorite colors!


  1. That sounds like a terrific week! Thanks for sharing with us!

    - Mike Schneider

  2. NICE MR.FUCHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. I think we did a good post this week


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