Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How to Post a Comment

     Most bloggers love comments, and 4S and I do too! On this blog, it's especially important because I use this blog to share events of our days, but also I share important information. I have shown the kids how to comment on this blog, but I also thought a little tutorial here couldn't hurt.
     If you run your cursor over the entire post, you may find there are links included.  When the color of the type changes that's a link.  To leave a comment, go to the bottom of the post (not the whole page) where it says "0 comments".  There might be another number if someone has already left a comment on that post.  When you touch that with your cursor, the color of the type will change, and when you click on it, it will take you to the comments page.
     Write your comment in the text page.  Then it will ask you as whom you'd like to leave your comment.  If you don't have an on-line I.D. (like a google I.D.), click on Name/URL or anonymous.
     Name/URL will ask for your name.  You don't need to have a URL.  If you do this, your name will appear at the top of your comment.  If you use anonymous, your words will be attributed to "anonymous" but you can (and I'd like you to) sign your comment in the text box by leaving your name.
     By the time you read this, I will have left three comments showing you the difference. I'll include my own I.D.'d comment too.
     Now it's your turn to give it a try.  All comments are immediately forwarded to my home and school Emails, so I am aware of them quickly!


  1. This is a Name/URL comment. See my name at the top?

  2. This time, where it says "comment as," I selected anonymous. I can and will sign my name on the bottom of my words.
    Miss Stewart

  3. I have a google I.D., so when I go to blogs and leave comments, many of my names appear (!) as well as my profile picture.

  4. This is an excellent tutorial - I may borrow it if it is okay with you - why invent a perfect wheel!
    Dr. Ciway

  5. Hey mrs.stewart I like the pictures of mr.lau you took good ones

  6. hi its alex ross i like your website.i like your sons name is it short for anything?hope to see you tomorow


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