Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More details on FMSC!

This post brought to you by two young men in hairnets (aka Jack and Charles)!

     Feed My Starving Children is an organization that feeds kids that might die if they don't get the food.  (Did you know that 18,000 children around the world starve to death every day?)
     Miss Stewart's class and Mrs. Donat's class went to FMSC on Friday last week.  While we were there, we joined assembly lines to package bags of food.
     Here's how it worked.  Step one, a student would put a plastic bag on the funnel.

     Steps 2-5, then a scoop of powdered chicken, a scoop of dried veggies, one cupful of soy, and a cupful of rice were dumped into the funnel and into the bag.  

Then another kid would weigh the bag, it had to be between 380-400 grams.  

If it was, then the parent/adult would seal the bag with a heat sealer.  Thirty six bags filled one box. 
      When a box got filled the team would shout something like, "Go Blackhawks!" and a strong parent would come bring the box to the warehouse.
     In the back room some kids worked on putting sticker labels on plastic bags.  

     Some parents worked the heat sealer, others picked up boxes, and the others refilled the food ingredients.  Those parents worked hard!

     In each picture you'll see we are wearing hairnets.  We wore those so our hair wouldn't fall in the food and make the hungry kids sick.  We also had to wash our hands and wear gloves if we were scooping.
     After all our time there, we learned that we packed enough food to feed 44 children for one year!  We also had a sample of the food.  It was good, it tasted kind of like rice or soup.
     We plan on asking our fifth grade teachers if we can go back!

     Miss Stewart thanks the parents who went along:  Mr. Divito, Mrs. Molenhouse, Mrs. Hall, Mr. Bender, Mr. Stenman, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Schneider, and Mrs. Kempiak.  We could not have done this without you.  The staff at FMSC was delighted we were there, and we had nothing but compliments about how hard our 4th graders worked!


  1. not only did y'all probably have a really good time, but you fed a bunch of kids!! what an awesome way to give back and learn, too! so proud of all of your hard work!

  2. I am really glad we went there. I had a very good time!!! I hope we go there again in 5th grade!!!


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