Monday, August 16, 2010


I hear the letters have gone out and been received, 
so I can officially welcome you to 4S!

I'd love to hear from you here if you'd like to leave a comment.  If you can't figure it out, don't worry, I'll show you on your first day!

Can't wait to meet you all.  
Miss Stewart


  1. Hi Miss Stewart,
    My name is Ryan Larson and I'm really excited to be in your class. I think fourth grade is going to be fun. I have a brother who will be in Dr. Ciways class and a sister starting preschool. I really like baseball and my favorite team is the Red Sox. I went to Fenway Park once and that was cool. I hope I get to go again someday. I started fall ball and have my first game on Saturday. I am on the Mets. I can't wait to meet you and see who is in my class. See you soon. Ryan

  2. Ryan,

    Wow, Fenway! I was in Boston about four years ago, and my brother (who is a scout for the Padres) tried hard to get tickets for me, but his friend the Red Sox scout was on vacation. I didn't get to go!

    I have a special connection to the Mets, I'll have to tell you about it when we're back in school.

    Thanks for checking out the blog. I hope you and your classmates will take over some of the posting soon!

  3. Hi miss Stewart,
    My name is Dylan Schick and I am so exited to be in your class. I have 1 younger sister that is in Mrs. Newman's class, and I have a dog and 2 fish. My favorite baseball team is the cubs. But I cheer for the White Sox when they're playing another team. I just started fall ball. I already had my first game yesterday. We beat the cardinals 22-2! We play the tigers today. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, my team is the padres. I can't wait for school to start. See you soon.

  4. Dylan! Mrs. Newman is one of my very best friends!

    I will be honest, I never cheer for the Cubs...

    My brother Jeff works for the Padres. He is a scout.

    Twenty-two to two??? WOW!

    See you on Wednesday.

  5. This is me showing my class how to leave a comment.


Dear 4S students and families,

I'd love for you to comment here, and please sign your name. Be kind, and remember, anyone visiting this blog can read what you have shared. So, if you have a private concern, you would be best off calling me or emailing me.