Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Your Homework!

     I'm so glad you're doing your homework by checking our blog.  It's important that you and your family visit often.  This is not a homework blog, writing down your homework assignments is your responsibility.  This blog is the place where I will share (and one day soon YOU will share) what's going on in 4S!
     Today I showed you how to leave a comment.  It would be fun if you gave it a try right now!
     Some reminders:
  • Go to the bottom of the post you'd like to comment on, and click "comment."
  • Write your thoughts in the comment box.
  • If your parents have an I.D., they may use that or have you use it.  (If you don't know what that means, no worries.)
  • Or, click on "Name/URL" and type only your first name.
  • Or, click on "Anonymous," but make sure your name is in the body of the comment.
     This may seem like a silly assignment, but navigating the 'Net is an important skill.  And once you learn how to do it here, you can apply the skill on other appropriate sites too!
     Now, don't forget to look over on the side for an "answer" for your homework paper!


  1. I did it! By the way, would you like to come over to our house and vacuum? :)

    Alex F.

  2. Hi Miss Stewart!I had a great day I hope you had a good one too!

  3. I just got home from school. I had a great day!

    Riley G.

  4. Hey Miss Stewart,
    It's Madelyn I love the blog. Thanks for the great day.

  5. You are a great teacher so far, Miss Stewart. I have never had a teacher like you before. See you tomorrow. I can't wait. From, Charlie

  6. It was a great day, a ten out of ten day! I'm so glad so many of you are checking out the blog.

    We'll have pictures of you up soon enough!

    Alex, tell your mom I'll come vacuum for $35 an hour! ;)

  7. Hi Miss. Stewart

    I checked out your blog. I was wondering what time I should bring popsicles in tomorrow? Please let me know

    Hunter Barth

  8. Hunter, the only way I can let you know is by leaving a comment here, so I hope you check back. The BEST time would be right after lunch at 12:15. We have no place to store them, so your mom (?) can leave them in the office and they will call you down to get them.

  9. Hey Miss.Stwart,I love the blog! I just got finished printing out a pic. of me and my new baby cousin! Can't wait to see you tommorow!(:

  10. Hi Miss. Stewart
    I had agreat day today. You are right. Fourth grade does rock! See you soon.

  11. I had a great first day of school. I just had baseball practice about an hour ago. A kid got hit in the nose with a ball during practice.I could tell it hurt.Thanks for a great first day of school.See you tommrrow!

  12. I love being in your class. I can't wait for tomorrow. Hannah thiel

  13. Hi Miss Stewart!
    Thanks for a great first day of school. See you tomorrow. Dylan Schick.

  14. Hey Miss.Stwart I love being in your class!


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