Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Field Trip Info

     Thursday is our first walking field trip to the Elder Day Center.  We are leaving here at 9:05 and taking a brisk walk to the center to be there before ten. Please be on time, we will have to leave without you if you are late! It's about a mile long walk.  Please wear sneakers--no sandals or flip flops--and bring two snacks that you can carry in your pockets and eat along the way.
     Chaperons, thank you for walking along with us!  Any parent is welcome to come along, even if you don't tell me first.  Just come up to 4S a little before nine!
     Miss Holly, the activity director has some games for us to play with the clients. It should be a fun time. 
     We will leave for school a little before eleven, so we can be back in time to eat.  We may miss lunch recess, but since we will have walked two miles before lunch, that counts as great exercise!

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  1. I'll be there - looking forward to it. Denise Bardol


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