Monday, September 20, 2010

Independent Reading

     In your child's Monday folder there just might be (I hope there is) a TOPS report from an "AR" quiz taken during the past week.  Remember, each 4S student has an individually determined and set reading goal for this quarter.  We read for at least 20 minutes (on average) in class each day, and homework is 20 minutes of independent reading (of an AR book) each night.
     It's so important for kids to read at their independent level--it helps them grow as readers.  Please encourage your child to meet this homework expectation. 
     TOPS reports are fairly easy to figure out.  Your child's book level goal and progress toward it are stated.  All students have a goal of 85% accuracy.  And one goal that's just as important is the point goal.
     This picture, taken Friday, focuses on the progress in point percentages toward this quarter's goal.  Notice it tells us that the quarter is 34% complete, and this reader is at 70.5% of her reading goal!
     This reader is a little bit behind.  At 36% of the way through the quarter, he's reading, but he needs to read more  These two numbers should always match.
     Lately we've talked about what the room should look like during independent reading, and the kids started to rate themselves using a rubric to determine how they "are" as a reader.   I've also explained to them that this is a REQUIREMENT, not a choice.  They do have many choices in what they read, thousands of good books are Accelerated Reader books.
     We want to create a community of readers!
     Note:  As of today, we are 41% of the way through first quarter.  


  1. man im sad i didnt make the student council

  2. I'll try harder to get to my goal. Charlie

  3. Mrs. Coleman (Maddie's mom)September 20, 2010 at 8:33 PM

    Miss Stewart,
    4S looks like they are off to a terrific start!
    Maddie is loving your class.
    Mrs. Coleman

  4. I will try very hard to reach my goal.


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