Friday, September 24, 2010

Our first read in

     Well, our first read in went really well this morning.  We read from the time we came in until lunch time without a break (over two hours).  The kids were comfy as they worked toward their reading goals.  Many students took quizzes and grew in their achievement.  In doing so, they proved to me if they DO read, they CAN read.
    Please encourage your child to read MORE at home.
    There are ten ways to become a better reader:
1. Read
2. Read
 3. Read 
4. Read
5. Read
6. Read
7. Read
8. Read
 9. Read 
10. Read


  1. Miss stewart I miss not being in your class.I hpoe they had a blast at the elder day center.I am learning alot in 5rd. We were playing factor captor in ms. consiglos class. She plays against us she is the master at it. Ms. consiglo is also the master at word seaches. Maybe one day you could beat her in factor captor. From Brittany

  2. Hopefully I was a four when I was reading. I could not tell because i was to busy reading!

  3. Ms. Stewart,

    I like what you said about our first read in and I took a test that day.

    Dylan Schopen


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