Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pen Pals!!

     I couldn't wait for my kiddos to come in this morning!  Waiting in the mailboxes were...
     Our first letters from our pen pals!
     Mrs. Farrar's class sent  letters from their classroom in West Liberty, Kentucky to our room in Batavia, Illinois.  We looked at a map, even though our state borders Kentucky, West Liberty is far away.  I shared some pictures of the area from my trip there this past summer.  We also looked at a picture of their school:
     Here some 4Sers getting and then reading their letters:
     And now, as a surprise for our pen pals, here are 4Sers holding the names of their new Kentucky friends:
  That's just about everyone.  Oh wait, Genesis and Chandler, your pen pals were absent today.  I'm saving your letters for them!
     During writing time, we started response letters.  We have answers to their questions and questions for them to answer!  We hope to get the letters done by Friday, so I can mail them on Saturday.  May this be the start of some special friendships!


  1. Miss Stewart,
    I didn't get enough time to smile! :D

  2. I was so shocked when I found out her name was Elise!

  3. Miss.Stwart
    Did our pen pals see these pictures yet?

  4. I can not belive that Kaelyns pen pals name is Katelyn.

  5. Ms.Stewart, when are we going to get our penpal letter backl? I still can't not belive that my penpal name is Katelyn.


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