Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Reminders...for Thursday!

We are walking to the Elder Day Center on Thursday.  Please dress for the weather.  Costumes can be worn if your child is able to walk a total of two miles in them.  The school policy, sent out in "messenger," is minimal make-up, but I have asked the kids not to wear ANY on this field trip (we've had allergy issues on past Halloweens, and I don't want any rashes on our walk!)

Our Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes are filling up--I may have to seek out larger shoe boxes.  Don't forget, the dollar is due on Thursday, the gifts on November 3.

The quarter ends on Thursday (what a busy day).

If you are accompanying us on the trip, please be in 4S at 9:00


  1. I am still trying to decide whether or not I am going to wear my costume to the Elder Day Center!

  2. It is going to be chilly, so that's something to consider too!

  3. Do you think I should wear my costume? My mom keep saying it will make all the elders happy.
    My mom is still coming!!

  4. Sure hope the winds die down by tomorrow! Don't want the kids to be blown away!

    Carol Gunnell

  5. I am going to wear warm clothes over my outfit.
    Can I wear just a little glitter? (It si not really like face make up).


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