Sunday, October 10, 2010

Smile, it's a...

So...time to comment!
What are you doing for fun today?
Or, what did you do for fun so far this weekend?
What will you do tomorrow?
However I ask the question, the hope is the same.  
Tell us about your weekend!


  1. So far, I've had dinner with my friends two nights in a row, and yesterday we went to a fall festival where we had a lot of fun.

    After dinner last night, we watched a little football.

    Today I'm sure we'll watch a little more. Then I might knit, work on a craft (which I'm not very good at, but I'm learning), or clean my closet.

    I have to find some reasons to go outside, what a beautiful day we have in store!

  2. My four day weekend was very exciting! My Grandma and Grandpa came because my mom is in Connecticut. So far we just plaed games like Monopoly and just talked about my Grandpa's mission trip. On Saturday we went to the 35th Willow Creek Annniversary. It was a lot of fun!

  3. Wow only two comments!

  4. Hi!My four day weekend has been great!I spent time with alot of people.I went to a block party on Saturday on Van Buren street.It was a party to welcome all the new neighbors including us!On Friday I had a friend named Hailey Works come over!We rode bikes the whole time!Today I worked on invitations for my birthday party!I hope everyone's having a fantastic weekend!

  5. I had a busy weekend! On Friday I went to an apple orchard in Harvard,IL with my cousins. We filled three bags! Although I ate a lot of apples. They have the best apples. On Saturday, we went to the Scarecrow festival in St.Charles with my grandma. The best part was the hangglider ride calle the Cliff Hanger. My brother and I went on it twice. It is so fun because it's like you are flying. It goes up high and then around in circles many times. We also went on the ferris wheel and my mom got scared because it kept creaking and wobbling. Today we went to the horse festival at Danada Farms with my other grandma. It was cool to see all the different kinds of horses. We went on a hayride pulled by horses. I really liked watching some girls that did gymnastics type stuff on horses while they were moving. Some would stand up and one did something like a headstand. Monday we will probably hang out at home. I had a really fun weekend and I can't wait to see everyone on Tuesday! Ryan

  6. I went to my Grandma's house in Michigan. My cousins and I played kickball. Mackenzie and I played against her brothers and my brother, and we won! Charlie

  7. My weekend started off pretty good. My aunt Leah, my uncle Mark and my cousin Dean came to Illinois from California so we meet in a park in Naperville. Dean is so cute he is 13 months old. He is very strong,he talks alot and he likes holding my hand.
    Then my played with my friends like Chandler, I think he is in your math class Ms.Stewart.
    Then yesterday I went to my aunt and my uncle house to show my new dog i got last sunday. His name is Jay Jay or J.J. My mom saids he looks like a fox I dont think he looks like a fox.
    Then my dad showed me a new way to briad,[i learned it yesterday.] Its much more cooler than my regular way. I did it so much its longer than my yard. Then i made a neckless i think i might were it tomorrow.

  8. I had a very fun weekend. On Friday, I went to the Marmion pre-Homecoming event. There was the biggest bonfire I have ever seen. It was amazing! On Saturday,I went to my brother's hockey game. He won and scored a goal! Then, my mom and I went to the Halloween store. I didn't get anything. On Sunday, I went to church and then I had a soccer game. We lost 4-1. Today, I went to soccer practice after bowling with my family and having lunch with my grandma. It was a busy weekend.

  9. On Friday I went to the Arboretum with my grandma and grandpa. We saw all the scarecrows there. It was really fun. There were 43- that's a lot! After that we had lunch there, it was pizza - yummy! On Saturday I had a soccer game. We lost. :( But I played my best. It was still awsome though. Then we went to the Scarecrow Festival. There were lots of scarecrows there, but not as many as at the
    Arboretum. My favorite was Noah's Ark. I think some of them were too violent. Me and my sister went on two rides there. After that we went to dinner at a restaurant close by. It took forever to get our food. I was so happy that day. On Sunday, we went to my neighbor's, who moved, party. We had roast pig. I tried it and didn't like it. I think my neighbors are very nice. They have a dog named Leinie. I will miss them. Today I had a soccer practice. I love soccer. We played scrimmage. It went by fast but it really was an hour and a half. After that, I just relaxed. That was my weekend. It was very fun, long and busy. I loved it.

  10. Tomorrow it's back to being busy in a school way. I love reading all these comments when I have a few minutes to relax! Thanks for posting them.

    I've spent lots of time outside, lots of time with friends, lots of time watching football, and lots of time getting over this throat thing. It's one of the best weekends I can remember!

  11. This is what I did over the weeked. On Firday I had my cousins over for the whole day.
    On Saturday I got up at 11:00 for a hike because my bother gose to Cub Scouts and I had to go too! A usual Saturday is to sleep in like 12:00-1:00! And then go to my guitar lesson. And then we went to a party and I got hurt it felt like I twisted my angle. But befor that we made scarecrows.
    On Sunday I went to church like I usual do and after that I went home and got out of my nice clothes and then me and my mom and Michael watched T.V. then my whole famliy that just means my mom ,my bother Michael,my dad ,and me! [ we played Monopoly ]
    I want tell about today [ Monday ] but I am too tired it is 9:30 so bye - bye!

    Love, Hannah Lynn Thiel from 4-S

  12. so it turns out i didn't go to missori i changed my mind so i could have fun with my mom and we took a picture of a humungous water fountain it's called milleniul fountain and we went to navy pier i went on the farist wheel we went on the swings too my sister came too it was awsome they went around around oh and not the baby kind they go high in the air and start to spin i was awsome! i had an awsome weekend! we aslo went to my grandmas house to have breakfeast.

  13. sorry it was in chicago

  14. We had alot of days off and the school year is flying and i am praticing for the talent show even though it is at the end of the year.


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