Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Two important dates and an ask

  • We are having a read-in this Friday, 10/22. Please remind or help you child pack something cozy to lie on!  The last read-in was incredibly successful, and the kids asked right away when the next one would be. They earned another with their great behavior!
  • Thanks for sending in your child's permission slip for the field trip on 10/28. We do need at least one more parent to walk with us.  Your child may have said you are going, but I need "official" notice by way of a note or a blog comment from you!  Will you walk with us that morning?


  1. I would love to come if you still need someone! Let me know when to be there.

  2. I can't wait till the read in! I love reading!Also I would like you to know that I am triying to check the blog more often.

  3. My mom she said she could go, so i will bring in a note tomorrow.

  4. I can come for the field trip on 10/28 if you still need someone.

  5. I still plan on coming! Denise

  6. I'll be there again. Looking forward to it!



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