Monday, December 6, 2010

Mrs. Donat's Science Class

     Since I'm not in 4D for science, the kids will have to explain the activities that went along with these critters!


  1. Me and Dani's second crayfish was huge.

  2. Now I have a better appreciation for crayfish, but I still want to eat them!
    Hunter Barth

  3. Crayfish can scare me.

  4. I think Sammy was so brave. She was one of the only girls who picked them up. I was so scared of them.

  5. i was scared because every time u tried to reach ours it raised its claws!!!!! i screamed

  6. It was fun working with crayfish. My first crayfish was so angry. After 4 or 5 times of picking it up it raised its pincers. I had a hard time of putting it on the table.
    My second crayfish was camoflauge. It was missing a pincer. It was more calm. It didn't even try to fall off the table.
    I liked observing crayfish.


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