Sunday, January 2, 2011

Look what Good Ol' #18 did yesterday!

That's our girl welcoming in 2011 in the Atlantic Ocean!
Doesn't it look like it was September 1, not January 1?
Oh we're going to miss you Miss A!
(I already do.)


  1. Annalise how is it up there? I miss you alot!!

  2. I miss you guys too. It is going really great up here. If we unpack one box each day we will be done on April Fools day. At the beach it was warmer than at my house because there is alot of snow here. I will tell you what my school is called now. Tootin Hills Elementry is my new school. I know that it sounds weird that's why I did not tell a lot of you. Up here is warm compared to Illinois. When we got off the airplane and outside it seemed like summer. I admit I am bored with no school for at least a week. My first goal for Connecticut is to make at least five friends and find a soccer team.
    Miss you all!
    P.S. Happy birthday to those of you I will not see when it is your birthday.( That means you Riley...)

  3. I am checking the blog everyday just to see if anyone had replied. I really miss you and want to keep in touch.

  4. We sent you something today!

    I haven't written a note yet, but I will...just got yours yesterday.

  5. YAY! I miss you guys so much that i start to cry when my new friend comes over.

  6. We all miss you, Annalise. Have fun at your new school. Have you made any friends yet? What are their names? Charlie


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