Saturday, February 26, 2011

Books and Why I Love Reading...the short version

     During Friday's institute day, I attending two sessions.  One was a technology session and the other was a book talk.  I learned a few things about computer "stuff" and a lot about books.  Funny thing, I was heading to the library after the meetings to pick up some books I had on hold. 
     So, I looked for some of the books I learned about during the book talks.  Since I already had five books on hold, I only grabbed one extra book, one from the talk.  It's title is Extra Credit.  I read it today, and the feelings I had after finishing it ran so deep, I had to write about it.  Have you ever read a book like that?  A book that makes you feel things as well as learn things and think about things?  I hope so.
     I think I have found our next read aloud.  I know you won't feel and think all the same things I did when we read this book, but I think you'll like it.  Let's find out, okay?


  1. I have had a book like that!

  2. I like Andrew Clements books!!

  3. I should try to read that book. It looks good!

  4. Extra Credit, is one of the " Nutmeg " books here. Nutmeg is a nut in Connecticut I think, but I am not too sure. We have a lot of books that we can read and then in 2012 we vote for which one is the best. This year I came in just in time to vote. I voted for The Lemonade War, and that book won! I had to vote for that book because the other books on the list were one's I have not read. There are also some scary books I am looking forward to. Right now I am reading Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets for the 3rd time. Did any of you watch the Oscars? Glad to be commuicating in some way to you. I sent in my penpal letter, and I hope she will enjoy hearing about the 85 inches of snow we have here. I'm 85 inches tall! Enjoy your werk and good luck on the ISAT'S!

  5. Sorry, I did not mean to say " werk " I was meaning to say, week.

  6. Andrew Clements books are the best!


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