Sunday, February 6, 2011

How You Can Help

     This weekend, I was blessed to be part of a team that made and served brunch to the folks staying at a Chicago Ronald McDonald House.  Ronald McDonald Houses are near hospitals.  Parents and families of sick children stay there while their loved ones are in the hospital.
     It was really neat experience, and I am going to do it again next month.  Here's one way you can help, if you'd like.  The House collects these, and when they get enough, they turn them in for cash.
     Do you know what they are?  They're pop tops from cans.  My husband and I started collecting them years ago, I even collect them at school, but I didn't know why I was collecting them.  I did know some people "turn" them into cash.  Turns out Ronald McDonald House does!  So if you'd like to start saving them to donate that would be great!  I know someone who'd smile over that...


  1. I have already started collecting them!
    By the way, GO STEELERS!!!!!!

  2. I've already started collecting pop tops.

  3. My Nana's been collecting them for years too (for someone in her community)! I will start keeping mine so I can bring them in.

    Alex F.

  4. Samantha WrobleskiFebruary 8, 2011 at 9:06 PM

    We have been saving pop cans and pop can tops. So far we have 2 garbage bags full of cans and a pop bottle full of tops plus a 1/4 of another.

  5. ive been trying to collect them but i dont get a chance

  6. My mom told me you went to the Ronald McDonald house when she looked on Facebook. That's a great way to serve!


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