Friday, February 4, 2011

Mr. Zimmer for Kane County Teacher of the Year

You heard it at school, but here's a reminder:
Mr. Zimmer has been nominated 
to receive an award,
The Kane County Teacher of the Year!
The nominating committee needs your help.
They need a nicely written letter, 
written by you or your whole family, 
in which you share a special memory
of Mr. Zimmer
write about why you like him so much.

If you have a memory and one of your siblings does too,
please write two letters.
All the letters will go into a fancy book
that will be sent to a judging committee.

What's your favorite thing about
Mr. Zimmer?


  1. I might be able to right a letter to Mr.Zimmer.
    I don't know?

  2. I am going to right a letter to Mr.Zimmer i just don't know what to right.

  3. Dani,
    Just write all the things you like about him. Share a fun memory. Write about the things you do in music. What have you learned?


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