Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Two Things

One:  The students may bring gum to school for ISATs.  The gum must be individual pieces (no bubble tape or Big League Chew).  I will NOT be providing gum for kids who forget.  ISATs are next Tuesday through Friday. 

Two:  The PTO needs you for the fun fair.  Please consider helping this Friday, there are 25 slots that are still gaping open with no LWS parent to help...


  1. A third thing, lots of illnesses have been hitting fourth grade from stomach flu to colds. Wash your hands!

  2. Wow the read in looks fun I wish I could have been there


  3. cool!!!!!!!!

  4. I can speak for myself, it is no fun being sick!! Make sure to wash your hands!:(

  5. I will make sure to wash my hands.


  6. Thanks for the fact about washing your hands I will make sure I wash my hands.


  7. We do not call them ISATS here. We call them CMTS. Connecticut Master's Test. I think it should be called the CATS for Connecticut Assesment test.


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