Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Next Two Days

We have a field trip to Mooseheart tomorrow morning!  Wear a jacket, even if it's supposed to be nice, because we will be outside for a time.

Friday morning is our last read-in for this quarter.  Come prepared with cozies--blankets and a pillow!


  1. Annalise, maybe you should suggest a read in to your teacher!

  2. Read in's, field trips, fun. Connecticut is the complete opisist. Connecticut does not have read in's, fun field trips, and it is totally NOT fun. All there is here is, trees.

  3. Annalise, have you talked to your teacher about what you miss? Maybe he'd want to try a read in?

  4. I can't wait for the Trip, I love going on feild trips!

  5. He'd love a read in. But, we are so busy here. Living things are for science, in other words, the food chain. CMT's just ended yesterday. We need to take a quiz on fractions and decimals and fractions into decimals tomorrow. Also fractions and decimals on time lines. We started a new unit today. Geomitry! I think I spelled that wrong! In art, I just finished making and painting clay beads, so now I am working on my bird of prey. I crumble up news paper into the shape of a tail and tape it. Then I make wings and a head. After that I paper mache. I spelled that wrong too. Of course we don't have spanish here, but next year we get to have it at least twice a month. That's a lot here. Next year all we learn though, is colors, numbers, and the ABC's. I already know my ABC's and my colors, and I know how to count to 16. Our school ends at 2:45, so I say, Son las tres menos curto. That means, it is 2:45, or , It is 3 minis curter. Riley told me you're doing a state project now. Have fun! Mine was very interesting. It was on Illinois. I had to get every single fact I could name! And I had to get lots and lots of pictures. You also had to put your favorite part about the state, so I said, my friends. I miss you people! I wanted to visit when we had break and you had school. Do you have April break? I think I do. Maybe I can visit then. Tomorrow there is a Luau Dance Party at my school. It's for the end of CMT's. Can you guess what their selling? SPIRIT WEAR! I promised I would get Ms.Stewart a shirt. I will send it in the mail. Riley told me that she's sending more letters. This time, I will respond to all of them. Okay, now this message is too long! ;D

  6. we loved the field trip!

  7. OH MY CEREAL! I GOT YOUR LETTERS! I read all of them and now I will reply.
    Sammi: I was working on a state project, but I am finished now. Indiana is a very fun state to learn about. Connecticut is very boring, but today is my sister's 16th birthday. Have fun with your fort.
    Kaelyn: I miss you too! It's a little cold but warmer than Illinois. Some people in 4-s said it would be colder. Maryland is a funny name to me because one of my new friends name is Mary and she was born in Maryland. I want to start and instrument next year too. I'm thinking percussion. Science sounds fun. Right when I moved to Connecticut they started a water unit but now it's about the food chain, and the food web.
    Riley: I miss you too! New Mexico sounds like a fun state. I'm reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. It's almost finished. We don't do math facts here but we do ten minute math. We have math binders for the morning and we have to do 4 rows of math. Wow, okay friends names. Uma,Meghan,Mary,Zoe,Jessica,Camilla,Amanda (Mandi),Kate,Katie,Maddie. I'm gonna stop there. My favorite thing about school is P.E.
    Hunter: Connecticut is boring. People are a bit mean here. There was a girl that tried for me to not be my friends with my friend Kate but I just walked away. Alabama is a good state to learn about too. Extra Credit sounds like a good book.
    Maddie: You do know a lot about Wyoming. Is it a good or bad thing to work your heart out?
    I miss you so much too!
    Dani: I miss you so much too! My e-mail is Happy st.Patrick's day to you too! I heard about everything that happened in Japan. The thing that happened to their plant, the sunamey, and the big earth quake. There are plates under the earth that for some reason shake. I think that I heard on the news that the big wave disturbed California and Hawii. I'm not sure if it's true. I miss you so much too!
    Haley: I really miss you too! It is warmer in Connecticut. The 60 inches of snow is down to nothing now. Rhode Island, is a tricky state. I know nothing about it either. I wish I could work with you too!
    Hannah: I don't like Connecticut. I WAS BORN IN PENNSYLVANIA! I lived near the amish country. You got braces? I write very long comments on the blog.
    Thank you for the book mark and my paper.
    I MISS 4-S!

  8. It is a good thing to work your hearts out!!! I think???:)

  9. When I said 60 inches of snow melting, I meant to say 86 inches or 7 feet.


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