Friday, March 11, 2011


Miss Stewart's class is going green in the area of reading.

From now on, when a 4S student takes an AR quiz, and we'll be taking lots of them, no TOPS report will be printed.  Instead, I am going to print a weekly report on on piece of paper, detailing how your child is "doing" toward his/her Accelerated Reader goals.

This will save, in our room alone, at least 40 pieces of paper each week.  Times that by 40 weeks of school, and well, that's a few reams of paper! 

Kids can still take quizzes, and kids can still check their progress after each quiz.  But YOU will only see a slip of paper instead of one to many TOPS reports.

I'm loving this!  There will be some reports in this week's Monday folder, 3-14, but after that, no more.


  1. We don't have levels or quizzes here. I'm happy, but sad. I had a dream that we moved back because we hate Connecticut. Honestly I do hate Connecticut. Oops! Just overheard my mom. Just sold our home! Sad!!!!! I liked that house. Mostly I miss my family friends or friends that were like family. I miss friends and teachers too. I am going to send back lots of letters! Did you get my postcard? Winter, gonna be gone soon. Snow, gonna take a while to melt here. Of course, it's still warm here. I am in shorts and a t-shirt now with snow on the ground. School ends earlier here because it starts earlier. I am not used to getting up at 6:30! On Monday we lose an hour of sleep too! We are an hour earlier than you guys either way. I want to go back to Illinois! Write back on the blog! I'm glad it's Friday. I am so tired with the CMT'S here. We just started this Monday and we have more on this coming Monday. Some people are mean here and some nice (mostly mean.) I deal with it. I might visit sometime in the summer! Is there anything exciting coming up? I wish I could at least say goodbye again! This message is getting too long! I MISS YOU! (Riley, I will call you again don't worry)
    PS Please share this with the class.

  2. I think that is a terrific idea!!


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