Sunday, April 17, 2011

And so the Illinois Report Begins...

     Your son or daughter should have brought home a blue sheet of paper with TWO SIDES (wow, right?) of directions and guidelines for his/her Illinois ABC book.  This sheet is meant to be kept in the social studies pocket of every 4Sers binder until the project is done.  It must be signed by both of you by Wednesday.  So, please, take a look at it.
     More details about and modeling of projects will be shared this coming week as we get ready to begin research in the lab and in class next week.  Last year's kids thrived during this project.  It's a big one, but it can be done.
     I can't stress enough though, the ONLY at home requirement is the binding portion.  You're child is the fourth grader, you've been there, done that.  So allow your child to shine while you watch and learn from all the Illinois tidbits that will be shared!

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  1. I am looking forward to the Illinois project. Charlie


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