Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Report Cards and more

Dear 4S Parents,
     Have you looked on-line to view your child's report card yet?  I hope so!
     Also, I've suggested to the kids that you check their progress toward their independent reading goals at least once a week.  Perhaps on Monday when the Monday folders come home?
     I hope paperless doesn't lead us to out of sight out of mind!  (We've talked a little about idioms this week...)
Miss Stewart


  1. OK, got it! Denise

  2. Since we viewed online & there is not an envelope to sign, do we just make a comment here to let you know we've viewed it? I DID look at Austin's as well as his reading goal progress. Actually, HE'S the one that reminded me to look at that! :)

    Carol Gunnell

  3. I can look at them to see which have been viewed. It's part of the program design.


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