Wednesday, April 27, 2011


  • Thanks to the families who volunteered to go to FMSC with us!  We're all set.
  • We hope to go to the Elder Day Center at least one more time this year, stay tuned.
  • We also hope to do a card making project for SuperSibs!
  • Illinois report research has started and is going well!  If your child needs an idea for a letter, feel free to give him/her a topic, that's not cheating, that's planting a seed! 
  • MAP tests are next week. Arrive on time with a fully fully tummy.
  • The kids are great, but spring weather brings thoughts of freedom and summer.  We have much to do yet, so let's stay focused.
  • What are you thinking of doing for your June How To speech?
  • We're working on functional writing in workshop.
  • Chapter 11 in math includes geometric solids and their properties along with volume.
  • If you ordered flowers, 1) thank you, and 2) pick up is next Friday, May 6 from 4-6.
  • We'll learn if Mr. Zimmer won KCTofTY later that night, and I will post it here.
  • If you haven't yet accessed your child's report card on-line, please do.  One parent contacted me to see how I can tell since there isn't a signed envelope.  I can research to create a report of what childs' cards have been viewed.  Thanks for doing this.


  1. I can't wait to go to the FMSC!!!

  2. Thanks for the info. My mom hopes to go to the EDC one more time.


  3. Thanks for the updates i cant wait to go to FMSC and hopefully the Elder Day Center!

  4. I want to go to FMSC!!


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