Saturday, May 7, 2011

For Robbie

     My blog friend's son Robbie loves BoxTops. So as student council worked to help PTO by trimming them up, I couldn't help but think of Robbie as we worked!  See Robbie, when all your BoxTops are put together with the other kids' from your school. you'll have mounds of BoxTops!  (We collect Labels for Education, too.)


  1. LOVE it! Wait until I show Robbie. He's going to be extra vigilant for box tops after this.


  2. This was Robbie's reaction:

    "What are they cutting? BOX TOPS?! Awesome!"

    Me: Miss Stewart took these pictures just so you could see them. See, here's your name...

    Robbie: "Awww...cute!"


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