Friday, May 20, 2011

Hair Net Central!


  1. I loved seeing those pictures! It makes me miss the whole 4th grade! You got great pictures!!! It makes me miss everyone badly! Today I went on a field trip as well. We went to the State Capitol Building, where they create laws, and bang the gavel! First we went in a room that was circular, to learn a little about the state seel. The three grape vines in the middle stand for the Three River Towns, Winsor, Hartford, and Wethersfield. When we went out of the room, we saw people on T.V! All the art in the State Capitol Building is hand made! It looks like wallpaper! Then (and I'm skipping a lot) we went to the court room! Usually its restricted to all tour members, but we were lucky ducks! We went in! There we talked about the Judicial branch of government. Then we went into another circular room where people vote either, YAY (green) or NAY (red.) There was a chair in there creatated by the Charter Oak. The story of the Charter Oak is brief. A person from England came to Connecticut and gave a bad charter (laws) to Connecticut.They were gonna read it but it was getting dark so they lit candles. The Connecticut citizens blew out the candles, through the charter into a mans house window, and lit the candles again. The man hid the charter in an Oak tree. The Charter oak was knocked down by a storm, and they used the pieces to make a beautiful chair that I sat on! I should most likely continue this tomorrow because I have three more places to talk about, and I like really explaining things. But let me tell you this. My mom came for lunch time and My Teacher, Mr.Zuliani (Mr.Z) talked to my mom (and sounded very serious.) He said: "Annalise really enjoyed the State Capitol Building. She thought the artwork was beautiful,and the history is very fasinating. She said she even wanted to work there. You should really take her back there in the summer." I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

    To be continued........

  2. You took alot of pictures! I really want to go there again and i hope to wear my new t-shirt to school on Monday.

  3. What a great experience for the kids. Thanks for sharing this with them!

    Carol Gunnell

  4. It was a really great time. One of these days I'll have to get myself an FMSC shirt!

    You were all great workers. I was so very proud of you!

  5. What a great way for kids to get involved!!

  6. That was really fun!


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