Monday, May 23, 2011


Your child's Illinois report is due to me first thing on Friday, June 3.
This is the very latest I can accept this report.

We have an hour a day or more to work on the research and report construction.
This, including today's time, will amount to a minimum of EIGHT hours.

The binding of the report must be done at home.  If you do not own a three hole punch, consider binding the book in a report cover from any office supply store.


  1. On Monday, we are going to spend the entire morning in the lab for more research/picture printing activity.

  2. I'm happy that I am working on pages and done with reasearch but I still have 13 pages to finish making I think I can finish those in time without rushing!

  3. I think I can get it done by next friday even though I have to make alot more of pages.

  4. There's plenty of time if you use your time well!

  5. I like making the pages is fun. I only have about 8 left to make.

  6. I keep asking Austin how he's doing & when it's MY turn to help out w/the binder. Guess that time is coming! :)

  7. Looking forward to seeing their hard work! Denise


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