Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Postage Stamps Needed

The families at LWS and especially those of 4S have been so wonderfully generous this year. I'm cautious to make yet another ask, but soon we'll be doing a card making project for SuperSibs, and we will need postage stamps to send along with the cards.

SuperSibs focuses on helping the siblings of children with cancer.  Those siblings are often "forgotten" as family focuses in on the child who has the illness.  I know from being at Ronald McDonald House a few times now, that siblings are often dragged along for the ride, their lives are uprooted too. On Easter, there was a dad there feeding his four kids, while his wife stayed in the hospital with their terminally ill oldest daughter, Liza who is 8.  Charlie, their three-year-old had fallen asleep on the bench seat as Daddy fed his almost two-year-old twins.

I know an LWS family who has been served by SuperSibs, perhaps you know them too?

We'll be making cards for the siblings. Eventually they'll need to be mailed (from SuperSibs H.Q.), and so we're asking for stamps!


  1. I'd love to help, how many stamps should I bring?

  2. As many as you like. If we get more than we need for our cards, we can send them with our cards so they have extras!

  3. I'll try to bring in stamps.


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